Cornerstone Consultants

Helping Organizations Grow, Change, Succeed

Business Planning

Prepare financial and business plans.
  • Wrote the reorganization plan to support successful restructuring through the bankruptcy courts of a nonprofit that develops and sells American made crafts
  • Wrote a land acquisition plan for a Northwest TribePrepared an urban arts organization to develop, brand and market a line of locally made productsDeveloped business planning and cash flow templates for low income microenterprise entrepreneursDeveloped templates for feasibility studies used to determine the merits of new business ventures
  • Assisted a Mid-Atlantic community in determining the feasibility of launching a large year round Public Market
Earned Income Projects
Develop planning processes and implementation strategies for earned income projects within nonprofit organizations
  • Prepared analyses and business plans for retail venues for 8 community cultural centers in ChicagoPrepared business plans for various urban and rural arts organizationsDesigned a framework for sharing marketing and fundraising services among three youth arts entrepreneurship organizations in Upper Manhattan
  • Wrote a business plan for a tribal bison project that combines income generating projects with prairie restoration and tribal education
  • Wrote and tested two publications,Museum Shop Workbook and The Earned Revenue Handbook, working with the African American and Latino Art Museum Working Group (to learn more purchase these books, go to our products section)
  • Developed advertising and marketing policies to help KZ youth generate revenue needed to support a narrowcasting service in their town Developed half price and bundled ticketing products to promote cultural organizations in their audience development efforts
  • Participated in testing of collaborative market research services by a statewide microenterprise service organization


Design and implement evaluations that measure the impact of organizations and their programs on their stakeholders, particularly the communities that they serve.
  • Conducted a one-year evaluation of a community foundation’s rural initiative Evaluated the impact of a federally-funded, distance learning program that delivers financial education Assessed the impact of philanthropy seminars and offered recommendations for improvements
  • Developed and assisted in the implementation of a self-monitoring protocol for organizations in a community-based forestry initiative
Evaluate the impact of funder strategy in the context of a specific pool of grantees
  • Evaluated, over an 18-month period, 13 access to business capital grantees for a major regional foundation Evaluated a multi-year initiative for a community foundation Evaluated a multi-year initiative for a federally funded sustainable forestry organization Conducted a three-year external assessment of a three-year Native American economic development program Developed grant making protocols for a statewide humanities council
  • Fostered development of multi-state grantmaking programs for arts and humanities programs

Funder projects
Research organizational capacity and community need in relationship to specific proposals that funders are considering.

  • Evaluated the needs and opportunities in rural Pennsylvania for a foundation and presented a strategy for their investment in community economic development Assessed the role that arts and culture play in community development for an international foundation
  • Working with country staff, developed an organizational capacity building program in the South Caucasus

Provide support to organizations that are developing and implementing branding and marketing plans

  • Wrote Branding and Marketing Toolkit: For Community-Based Businesses and Products Conducted workshops with community-based business people and loan organizations Directed development of a statewide branding campaign to promote several hundred art organizations and institutions Developed RFP for an institutional branding project, played a role in selecting a contractor, and led efforts to implement the subsequent campaign
  • Helped launch new organizations and campaigns through collaborative marketing initiatives that involved deployment of special trademarks, slogans, advertisements, earned media coverage and marketing displays