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Earned Income Projects

Earned Income Projects
Develop planning processes and implementation strategies for earned income projects within nonprofit organizations
  • Prepared analyses and business plans for retail venues for 8 community cultural centers in ChicagoPrepared business plans for various urban and rural arts organizationsDesigned a framework for sharing marketing and fundraising services among three youth arts entrepreneurship organizations in Upper Manhattan
  • Wrote a business plan for a tribal bison project that combines income generating projects with prairie restoration and tribal education
  • Wrote and tested two publications, Museum Shop Workbook and The Earned Revenue Handbook, working with the African American and Latino Art Museum Working Group (to learn more purchase these books, go to our products section)
  • Developed advertising and marketing policies to help KZ youth generate revenue needed to support a narrowcasting service in their town Developed half price and bundled ticketing products to promote cultural organizations in their audience development efforts
  • Participated in testing of collaborative market research services by a statewide microenterprise service organization