Cornerstone Consultants

Helping Organizations Grow, Change, Succeed


Design and implement evaluations that measure the impact of organizations and their programs on their stakeholders, particularly the communities that they serve.
  • Conducted a one-year evaluation of a community foundation’s rural initiative Evaluated the impact of a federally-funded, distance learning program that delivers financial education Assessed the impact of philanthropy seminars and offered recommendations for improvements
  • Developed and assisted in the implementation of a self-monitoring protocol for organizations in a community-based forestry initiative
Evaluate the impact of funder strategy in the context of a specific pool of grantees
  • Evaluated, over an 18-month period, 13 access to business capital grantees for a major regional foundation Evaluated a multi-year initiative for a community foundation Evaluated a multi-year initiative for a federally funded sustainable forestry organization Conducted a three-year external assessment of a three-year Native American economic development program Developed grant making protocols for a statewide humanities council
  • Fostered development of multi-state grantmaking programs for arts and humanities programs

Funder projects
Research organizational capacity and community need in relationship to specific proposals that funders are considering.

  • Evaluated the needs and opportunities in rural Pennsylvania for a foundation and presented a strategy for their investment in community economic development Assessed the role that arts and culture play in community development for an international foundation
  • Working with country staff, developed an organizational capacity building program in the South Caucasus