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Our Learnings

A robust succession planning program requires effective human resource systems that identify future staffing needs, assess talent, and develop training to build your talent.  To learn more, read this PowerPoint, presented by Ruth Roemer at the Community Action Partnership 2012 Annual Convention.


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Shared Vision, Shared Progress report was prepared as a resource for the Center for Community and Cultural Arts in San Diego.



Capacity Building


Social Enterprise with Community Action Agencies


National Network of Forest Practitioners

Strategic Planning

Social Enterprise and Community Arts Institution

Organizational Learning

Organizational Development

Meeting Facilitation


Project Direction


  • Microfinance
  • Social Enterprise
  • Livelihoods
  • Food
  • Value chain
  • Cooperative
  • Arts and culture
  • Community development
  • Philanthropy
  • Grantmaking
  • Community action
  • Racial Equity